Lifeprotecter with the way or it's lost for knowing

I don't want to have kids and one of my friend don't want to have kids i know it's everyone i don't mind. Does not bother mes le volumes

Try skypping will walking like going faster than time.You wont get your sefl in trouble for doing thing you like to do. When your in an appartement sound does not bother other people be not to loud.

May 21 : Im walking with people that do nice world.

May 20 : There ok and they like having fun thx for telling it! Gouchi gouchi We are already there. They did it on the same time! Acter like to be acter does not bother me. We go every each way eeeeeeee me solution lost. It's told he will not do it without is girlfriend

May 13 : I know people walk around to do that thing that we did. It's over thing we don't lik


You won't die at 100 years old if your emotion does not goes overturn.

(new)Talk like you want to talk, move like you want, exprime your self, Talk in émotions have fun

(new)You don't need to have kid

When your furious stay happy, you will stay happy ,If you stay awake when your tired you will be happy in the morning

Help get up

Understand to have

Pass the tactics


Keep body

Work no


If you imagine people that live you look, You know they like to live because you feel the same, everyone

Now your ok believe in life perfect because it's what where going from the begenning.

If something happen there reason.

You want to stay for the people to live well. You want to play with everything, like all the thing, after you stop playing they will fall in love with you anyway (There pretty and pretty).

My site will not be a site that you pay to look at hit. I want to sell thing on my site.

War in Irak

Do what you want




What i think


Shy, Don't talk

Discution on world we want

Your ok


May 17 : I think my site will make them talk alot. My show is it's really my kind and it tell i wont touch that énergiz anymore well it's ok to do that.

May 10 : Skateux need énergiz for skateboards be like that when you have no énergiz. Everyone been like that and the created they own part of the world. Because it's was présist.

Oui ses correct de faire se que tu veut ! Le monde ne chiale jamais et reste assis se qui prouve qu'il f'on Vraiment sa quand tu pense, se que est une personne. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it's ok to do what you want. People never argue, they stay to there way and it's prove there kind when you think of it it's true. what is a person.


April 29 : It's really serius not to move at all. Now we do what we want! Me im a comma. It's even true that we do what we want. I really like this picture.

, Je les trouvez sur mon ordi (.bmp, .jpg, .gif) Dans la recherche du menu Démarrer pour trouver les photo.

I found it on my computer (.bmp, .jpg, .gif) In to search in start menu to find the picture.

April 27 : I been passing time playing with my game Counter-strike so I could'int writte texte. So it's go well and i got to plany thing to do, but im busy doing thing most of the time, I will try to talk of thing you will like to read.


April 7 : I add some problem with my computer and i added a 9 gig hard drive. Adding something it's like having it. Think youll have it! $ days don't you think it's was long. The 5 of April i listened to Alice au pays des merveille I wrote it in french because it's in anglish Alice in wonderland is Alice au pays des merveille. I listened to it about 8 time. It's really enoituloaided (Perfect it's means) and To all you recognized ao you problably Notice. I like playing game we like to imaging. It's not a big deal maders we get out of it all. I also like télévision more as the computer. It's simple ? Yes more in particuluded since the beginning i been seing nice thing and also will i think. Complicated thing is fun and be relax 24 hour a day. I also decided to change my site a little bit. Tabacco is not really my thing not true. see you next time.

Im out for a smoke ( je m'envais fumer je revient) il be back.

tout de suite. Je veut un cd?!

more like now, i want a cd?!

April 3 : I adding more pictures i been taking about me am in perfect sefl control i will start walking around more often and meet more people that we know so we don't need to bad trip. Look at them like there girl friend and boy friend love them. I had forgot some thing so i added them. You know if i was a boss i would not be mad, they are not like that. It work together and it does thing together(all the people that can live), it does everything together. Im coming back in 2 days. je reviens dans 2 jours

April 1 : I was thinking of putting more image in my site that i have. Iforgot to put some image in nice and coddly. I even forgot the mini skate! To next time.

March 30 : My page of discution will be about thing I would think and what i like to do amusement thing, place at the right place that you are perfect and for this world that's is perfect because i like thinking. It's really precise when you think 24 hour a day ahahahaha don't look it's a bracket oh i'ts ok. So it's a litle boging doing thing, no it's amusing all the time and as longer we continue. Your not forced, There are some people ou would stop. Well that would be amusing to be alone somewhere but at least your with real people for ever in the meaning your alone but your not. Well i have no choice to beleave communication with people.

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