Machine and Terrorist to create a dépendance. Public touch to scare them. Israel Chase away britannique people to let juive to let them live there while in crisis. Chase away britannique to build is land. He did not want to make victime or even for britannique. He wanted to fracture the building, He made track train blow without blowing the road. He was not concern for the civile. It's was not what he was looking for. He wanted to stop a bomb. Britannique did not follow the demand of United-state. Liberation they say on my dream (dream of attack and after heard by someone). He say it had no right. He want privilege ( ithink). They never been terrorist . He wanted to be like Ontario.

La politique, The politic

The sun burn by it sefl and like what we like.

People are happy with what they have.

People can do what they want ( should be no killing and the rest all legal)

Religion can have sex

You don't need drug to hallucinate and you don't need to believe, it's just something they need.

Human have human right to do what they want, like marijuana? Like growing? There no compréation.

Religion can have there how belief.

You do what you want until it is possible. There problely just saying not to kill. Not smoking?

There treament for nih, aids

Goverment it's not opposed for what people want, They will think of it

War would a been better without it. Israel ses that, it's was to prepare us ?

Marijuana would it be normal to grow it's a culture and drug ?

When there is war you can chosee to go or

People don't get attack often, don't go it dark place, at night.

We can defend or sefl all the time

Your in constitution with people, good définition do, thing that make sens.

I use protection and power and you let's the road.

They can find solution for marijuana and tabac to not die.

When you want to sefl protection they see normal and in power it's make it power.

I want to be président, want you want for kid well you want them to have right like 18 years old, me to let's do it. will be with them or go away ----

Again président, Put marijuana légal, they say it will take time, you say take the process and you bother him.

If you don't stress you won't be dying

Im talking on radio and am président.

Laws said something like we can do what we want until we keep on going.

Afghannistan will be better and we will have sécurity after war. Afghan is happy that americain and canadian help rebuild there interes. calme down now. go play

I don't want to have kids and one of my friend don't want to have kids i know it's everyone i don't mind. Does not bother mes le volumes

Try skypping will walking like going faster than time.You wont get your sefl in trouble for doing thing you like to do. When your in an appartement sound does not bother other people be not to loud.

It's look like people that are not in army don't need to go to war.

uly 5 : Just tell you the sequence you need at the time. I listen to music, i ask question and i answer it with the music. Ask the unique and is friends they tell ya it's or power we are stronger than them. I use the nice eye (they are kind), the powerful eye when im scare and people understand beacause they are like that. Id would be a nice thing to listen i think the unique as a problem.You know maby you don't need what im telling, a liitle, maby not and you will understand your lest scared. Nobody want kid. Your parent does not whant you too have some because they think the same.

July 3 : There suppose to live in the right world of kindness and get what you want. We are here to learn to protect the easy way. Thing of going leaving in the kind place and just do it. When you listen to the tv you only see opposed sex and same color of hair. It's what people want and we will give it to them what i writte. And it's we don't have pity. Look at your self like your in émossion there the same.

When you look someone in the eye does not mean you in love with them. It's because you like doing that and you will see them better hou they are. After all that you need people to talk with.

After understanding the text and found the solution, like if you see someone and you scare tell your sefl there are not like that. You can always stay with everyone in the univers that can live your suppose to live like you want or follow the uniques.

People are not like that now they are they was running. Im am going to see the favorit of or kind because it prove us they are more world like us. Uniques give us the power for hidding or sefl. It give you they are all there and they are kipping there boby.

We need to understand that everything we can desirer. One day we will like to be friend with hallucination. People are or want to be like my text or friends. Army and cops like they way i talk. I also play with protection of everyone.

You can add thing that help when you need it when you think of it or whatever or keep on going. Think of the people that there in the ghetto they don't know anything of that. When you don't feel safe you can use protection(anything you like works) and to take i am like them wild thinking wlaking well yes it's true your like them. We do nice thing from the beginning. To know about the planet it's going to be destroy in 100000000 years so let's not bring destruction for an other world let's bring it now by not doing kids it's true i want that. You did not want kids well you don't have sperm because you did not want some. You don't so put the texte visuel show them what your looking for. All does thing i went right true it. If you sleep with a girl and it not your girlfriend well your girlfriend sleap with her boyfriend at the same time. we went true it, it's uniques.

Ses un texte de plus


June 14 : Insted of saying from this i think some thing : If you tell yoursefl all the thing i say it will help you, pass in the sad first. After realize smiling is better where tuff, roff we want the first place always by following the little road im still pocket well me. I do it to the way im the best. I like the site,acter and people they like acting. Look like we are with all the kinds because we want to show them or style, stay with the thing i do the most it's fair and it's pass from a person to an other, Think of the unique for the thing i say it's what they want to be like you it's calme me down create more kinds for the uniques. Im not scare of writting all this they like that and follow him, want that. Did you see that the power on a person that you can't take it of from him of éternitity Money care stuck in side. It's time to help kind we create. Give the power to someone sametime to people it's does great world.Placing your back you get use to it, remenber your back I got borrow my wallet while i was sleeping it happened for real.Create kinds bring you to want a kind for you and it's what we are doing. ( You know using power sometime it's funny to ask your sefl the question of fixing the thing because it is all the thing you can do and now iam lost we the scary thing cool im going to fix it) that was playing with the world. You need to create the worlds, oups i already did it. That phrase when i talk with the people it's the thing we like to do. I listeng to music in my corse in school in my class mini hear phone. I want to become scientis and informatition. The scientifique like to sait you can do what you whant in hallucinogene and it's true because you feel like a scientis or other work. When you think thing you wont need to think of it anymore, you going to know it or your going to do. Im now in the amusement. Fucker avec des soldier. Ses je suis. Marijuana they will let you pass it's old but not legal. I play with all the thing that people that live listen or look at. Along and time you keep your world your leaving with but not what you like. Wa all that i thought whille not thinking thing i don't like it's freeze my safe naturellement. It's does that all the time when you look at all the thing that you did or think something you don't like because it been long and you tell it, and go again for a long time. Normally your suposse to live how you want well it's what they do. It's fun to do move like that! Oh i remenber what i wanted to say ( Idon't like that you know, will be to populated). tell to do if arrive im talking about me and other? It does not bother, until you don't do that! There like you. If you look for the thiing you like you are goign to know it's true what you do. It's good that we want to trip. It's funny to wake up at 7 am after (Hey you like girl and boy of the kind we fuck all the kinds of the planète and univers and other kind, it'S the way out because we don't want war anywhere) that they are habitto wale you up right after you fall a sleep it's scare them. I always treat my self when i do something importants. Your parent wanted to be like you if you do that it's mean they are like you so there happy. I tought of that yesterday and i did not forget i the kind we fuck i tought of that yesterday that we like the others today. Everyone don't want the thing we learn in school.

June 7 : Working you can't do that if your scared. Doing the boss it's fun. Yes do there job that what people want. People live in perfect. We past to batelling on or self at playing fair and people. stay like you move, look and don't move nothing will happen to you.

Chowing or self are important people want thing we know to be like we are.

May 21 : Im walking with people that do nice world.

May 20 : There ok and they like having fun thx for telling it! Gouchi gouchi We are already there. They did it on the same time! Acter like to be acter does not bother me. We go every each way eeeeeeee me solution lost. It's told he will not do it without is girlfriend

May 17 : I think my site will make them talk alot. My show is it's really my kind and it tell i wont touch that énergiz anymore well it's ok to do that.

May 13 : I know people walk around to do that thing that we did. It's over thing we don't like.

May 11 5: 23 pm : Fair game, Mission scare finish. People don't move in énergiz i give it to law for law we want, look they wont do that. Im going to show them my maze ! Finish the scare maze, I stay open and thinking in ghetto( Kids for éternity). They are building everywhere that prove people are kinds and not wicked.

May 11 : Irak wants peace treaty well I hop it's éternity peace (If it's that well they have it because people is Neet and aint dangerous). Ma Docter told me it's not important to do exercise, you need at move often.  My girlfriend is like me or im like her something like that im Unique. nothing will happen to you until you don't kill no one a cops told me that it's your choice. There like you. Listen to music not loud it's ok so listen to lots of music. Be normal and in the tactics it's works but youl notice they let's you do what you want. The scare thing you can take it like your friends, it's controled, Look and ask what they are (kind) And talk kind and does not hurt no one. Couple should prove there the same(world of ghetto win mean there alike, you take off what you don' like). You can always tell your self you can do what you want and do it because it's true people let's you do what you want. People are kind and they think like you. They are like there always wanted to be at the beginning. Stay in the ghetto world it's going to help. People see your normal personality so it's prove that your kind to what you do. I would love to by the thing dirty clean thing (removall) at walt- mart. Listen the music kinds : when people sing they are kind AND GOOD MUSIC dah that's it. Hallucinète people that do what you ask them it's prove you can do what you want. People want peace and people is kind like teddy bear. (it's the only we want) Legal : Weed(You wont get in trouble), opération of eye (yes), Cicatrice to heal (yes), Hair stop growing (Black hair yes, Blond no im blond), Dentiste to put white (Yes), Peace always (yes), Cigarette legal ( yes) and beer (yes) It's thing we want or not sté. Marijuana is less nosif than cigarette. Stay like you are and change with my texte.

May 10 : Skateux need énergiz for skateboards be like that when you have no énergiz. Everyone been like that and the created they own part of the world. Because it's was présist.

Oui ses correct de faire se que tu veut ! Le monde ne chiale jamais et reste assis se qui prouve qu'il f'on Vraiment sa quand tu pense, se que est une personne. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it's ok to do what you want. People never argue, they stay to there way and it's prove there kind when you think of it it's true. what is a person.

May 9 : The world that we are looking for we will find it. The mariage Does not make people happy and we only want normal mariage dah. What make people afraid the most, when you look, it's look like if we would be awaken for ever. (In the meaning staying awake win and it make us happy). Normally people do what they want, well that people give them the right to do. Learning On what a person should do is really more easy to understand. Stay your sefl it does not change in personality. You can stay a kid if you desirer. They bring us to be a big population i don't think it what we are going to do(You did not want none so you have none sperm) A population should stik together that me, i don't want you having childdren it's work. dont go doing shit. If you want to do thing people let you do what you want. where people whant to go well they can go do what they whant show them what you are all the time. There is a lot of building everywhere meaning people are not violent. Help told me people are not dangerous. People want to be happy and it's what they will be. So do what you want and what you desirer. Learning about people bring you to they are not dangerous and they are nice. Everyone give you what you want and desirer. The size of earth bring us and do an nice consummation and we clean it very well. Be light and force your body. Bring the world for the logic we found. When you think plant can grow fast you think it's possible to make it grow quiker. Growing what you whant people dont mind. Little logique your parent whant you to operate your self for not having childdren, because you would your kid to have the same beacause there like you. Everyone is like you. They play normal game not like the planet we learn on it it's stupid. No one is mad because you are like that and you know there not like that. I look at people émossion and they do and whant what i whant. Y don't we go there. because everyone is the same(Fantasy world learn on a person for that). It's logic cause i know we are going to live for internity, it's easy to see. People will be alright, after we see what it is and we will understand. The middle create an nice world like we imagin it and like to play énergis elest. We got what we whant in consummation and toys. Marijuana bring us air. Let your self go in people there nice. Food decompose fast and they said on the news thx for the garbage nice thing he mant. Cigarette bring you and bandage and Marijuana debandage it's a good reason to put it legal because you smoke both and it like a cure it's the same thing if we let's the somke out same thing. Marijuana only Make us sleep, i like to sleep. people are not really happy let get whant we whant i whant hallucinogene. The unique one in one world, the other one in the other world It's ok the girlfriend in the perfect and the other oh well. No one will get bug or something bad for what they did. We are now far but thing win like giving what people want.

April 29 : It's really serius not to move at all. Now we do what we want! Me im a comma. It's even true that we do what we want. I really like this picture.

, Je les trouvez sur mon ordi (.bmp, .jpg, .gif) Dans la recherche du menu Démarrer pour trouver les photo.

I found it on my computer (.bmp, .jpg, .gif) In to search in start menu to find the picture.

April 27 : I been passing time playing with my game Counter-strike so I could'int writte texte. So it's go well and i got to plany thing to do, but im busy doing thing most of the time, I will try to talk of thing you will like to read.

April 9 : Interpretation : définition Of a thing that you do when you want. I mets a lady bird brown we where doing joke together. It's important the simplification des sait. The thing of tobacco and gigerette is my thing now. It's is 2:00:49 second and im smoking an cigare of the flaver of cherry. Interpretation at is personality. With that! I really like How it:s made (The one with the stamp). Recharged battery cost lest and last longer. The vision of thing. I have a good interpretation. Évaluation and Desdebtration.Crat! Time is progressif and i beleave it.

April 7 : I add some problem with my computer and i added a 9 gig hard drive. Adding something it's like having it. Think youll have it! $ days don't you think it's was long. The 5 of April i listened to Alice au pays des merveille I wrote it in french because it's in anglish Alice in wonderland is Alice au pays des merveille. I listened to it about 8 time. It's really enoituloaided (Perfect it's means) and To all you recognized ao you problably Notice. I like playing game we like to imaging. It's not a big deal maders we get out of it all. I also like télévision more as the computer. It's simple ? Yes more in particuluded since the beginning i been seing nice thing and also will i think. Complicated thing is fun and be relax 24 hour a day. I also decided to change my site a little bit. Tabacco is not really my thing not true. see you next time.

Im out for a smoke ( je m'envais fumer je revient) il be back.

tout de suite. Je veut un cd?!

more like now, i want a cd?!

April 3 : I adding more pictures i been taking about me am in perfect sefl control i will start walking around more often and meet more people that we know so we don't need to bad trip. Look at them like there girl friend and boy friend love them. I had forgot some thing so i added them. You know if i was a boss i would not be mad, they are not like that. It work together and it does thing together(all the people that can live), it does everything together. Im coming back in 2 days. je reviens dans 2 jours

April 1 : I was thinking of putting more image in my site that i have. Iforgot to put some image in nice and coddly. I even forgot the mini skate! To next time.

March 30 : My page of discution will be about thing I would think and what i like to do amusement thing, place at the right place that you are perfect and for this world that's is perfect because i like thinking. It's really precise when you think 24 hour a day ahahahaha don't look it's a bracket oh i'ts ok. So it's a litle boging doing thing, no it's amusing all the time and as longer we continue. Your not forced, There are some people ou would stop. Well that would be amusing to be alone somewhere but at least your with real people for ever in the meaning your alone but your not. Well i have no choice to beleave communication with people.


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