La politique, The politic

The sun burn by it sefl and like what we like.

People are happy with what they have.

People can do what they want ( should be no killing and the rest all legal)

Religion can have sex

You don't need drug to hallucinate and you don't need to believe, it's just something they need.

Human have human right to do what they want, like marijuana? Like growing? There no compréation.

Religion can have there how belief.

You do what you want until it is possible. There problely just saying not to kill. Not smoking?

There treament for nih, aids

Goverment it's not opposed for what people want, They will think of it

War would a been better without it. Israel ses that, it's was to prepare us ?

Marijuana would it be normal to grow it's a culture and drug ?

When there is war you can chosee to go or

People don't get attack often, don't go it dark place, at night.

We can defend or sefl all the time

Your in constitution with people, good définition do, thing that make sens.

I use protection and power and you let's the road.

They can find solution for marijuana and tabac to not die.

When you want to sefl protection they see normal and in power it's make it power.

I want to be président, want you want for kid well you want them to have right like 18 years old, me to let's do it. will be with them or go away ----

Again président, Put marijuana légal, they say it will take time, you say take the process and you bother him.

If you don't stress you won't be dying

Im talking on radio and am président.

Laws said something like we can do what we want until we keep on going.

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