June 14 : Insted of saying from this i think some thing : If you tell yoursefl all the thing i say it will help you, pass in the sad first. After realize smiling is better where tuff, roff we want the first place always by following the little road im still pocket well me. I do it to the way im the best. I like the site,acter and people they like acting. Look like we are with all the kinds because we want to show them or style, stay with the thing i do the most it's fair and it's pass from a person to an other, Think of the unique for the thing i say it's what they want to be like you it's calme me down create more kinds for the uniques. Im not scare of writting all this they like that and follow him, want that. Did you see that the power on a person that you can't take it of from him of éternitity Money care stuck in side. It's time to help kind we create. Give the power to someone sametime to people it's does great world.Placing your back you get use to it, remenber your back I got borrow my wallet while i was sleeping it happened for real.Create kinds bring you to want a kind for you and it's what we are doing. ( You know using power sometime it's funny to ask your sefl the question of fixing the thing because it is all the thing you can do and now iam lost we the scary thing cool im going to fix it) that was playing with the world. You need to create the worlds, oups i already did it. That phrase when i talk with the people it's the thing we like to do. I listeng to music in my corse in school in my class mini hear phone. I want to become scientis and informatition. The scientifique like to sait you can do what you whant in hallucinogene and it's true because you feel like a scientis or other work. When you think thing you wont need to think of it anymore, you going to know it or your going to do. Im now in the amusement. Fucker avec des soldier. Ses je suis. Marijuana they will let you pass it's old but not legal. I play with all the thing that people that live listen or look at. Along and time you keep your world your leaving with but not what you like. Wa all that i thought whille not thinking thing i don't like it's freeze my safe naturellement. It's does that all the time when you look at all the thing that you did or think something you don't like because it been long and you tell it, and go again for a long time. Normally your suposse to live how you want well it's what they do. It's fun to do move like that! Oh i remenber what i wanted to say ( Idon't like that you know, will be to populated). tell to do if arrive im talking about me and other? It does not bother, until you don't do that! There like you. If you look for the thiing you like you are goign to know it's true what you do. It's good that we want to trip. It's funny to wake up at 7 am after (Hey you like girl and boy of the kind we fuck all the kinds of the planète and univers and other kind, it'S the way out because we don't want war anywhere) that they are habitto wale you up right after you fall a sleep it's scare them. I always treat my self when i do something importants. Your parent wanted to be like you if you do that it's mean they are like you so there happy. I tought of that yesterday and i did not forget i the kind we fuck i tought of that yesterday that we like the others today. Everyone don't want the thing we learn in school.

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