May 11 : Irak wants peace treaty well I hop it's éternity peace (If it's that well they have it because people is Neet and aint dangerous). Ma Docter told me it's not important to do exercise, you need at move often.  My girlfriend is like me or im like her something like that im Unique. nothing will happen to you until you don't kill no one a cops told me that it's your choice. There like you. Listen to music not loud it's ok so listen to lots of music. Be normal and in the tactics it's works but youl notice they let's you do what you want. The scare thing you can take it like your friends, it's controled, Look and ask what they are (kind) And talk kind and does not hurt no one. Couple should prove there the same(world of ghetto win mean there alike, you take off what you don' like). You can always tell your self you can do what you want and do it because it's true people let's you do what you want. People are kind and they think like you. They are like there always wanted to be at the beginning. Stay in the ghetto world it's going to help. People see your normal personality so it's prove that your kind to what you do. I would love to by the thing dirty clean thing (removall) at walt- mart. Listen the music kinds : when people sing they are kind AND GOOD MUSIC dah that's it. Hallucinète people that do what you ask them it's prove you can do what you want. People want peace and people is kind like teddy bear. (it's the only we want) Legal : Weed(You wont get in trouble), opération of eye (yes), Cicatrice to heal (yes), Hair stop growing (Black hair yes, Blond no im blond), Dentiste to put white (Yes), Peace always (yes), Cigarette legal ( yes) and beer (yes) It's thing we want or not sté. Marijuana is less nosif than cigarette. Stay like you are and change with my texte.


Machine and Terrorist to create a dépendance. Public touch to scare them. Israel Chase away britannique people to let juive to let them live there while in crisis. Chase away britannique to build is land. He did not want to make victime or even for britannique. He wanted to fracture the building, He made track train blow without blowing the road. He was not concern for the civile. It's was not what he was looking for. He wanted to stop a bomb. Britannique did not follow the demand of United-state. Liberation they say on my dream (dream of attack and after heard by someone). He say it had no right. He want privilege ( ithink). They never been terrorist . He wanted to be like Ontario.

Afghannistan will be better and we will have sécurity after war. Afghan is happy that americain and canadian help rebuild there interes. calme down now. go play

It's look like people that are not in army don't need to go to war.   

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