May 9 : The world that we are looking for we will find it. The mariage Does not make people happy and we only want normal mariage dah. What make people afraid the most, when you look, it's look like if we would be awaken for ever. (In the meaning staying awake win and it make us happy). Normally people do what they want, well that people give them the right to do. Learning On what a person should do is really more easy to understand. Stay your sefl it does not change in personality. You can stay a kid if you desirer. They bring us to be a big population i don't think it what we are going to do(You did not want none so you have none sperm) A population should stik together that me, i don't want you having childdren it's work. dont go doing shit. If you want to do thing people let you do what you want. where people whant to go well they can go do what they whant show them what you are all the time. There is a lot of building everywhere meaning people are not violent. Help told me people are not dangerous. People want to be happy and it's what they will be. So do what you want and what you desirer. Learning about people bring you to they are not dangerous and they are nice. Everyone give you what you want and desirer. The size of earth bring us and do an nice consummation and we clean it very well. Be light and force your body. Bring the world for the logic we found. When you think plant can grow fast you think it's possible to make it grow quiker. Growing what you whant people dont mind. Little logique your parent whant you to operate your self for not having childdren, because you would your kid to have the same beacause there like you. Everyone is like you. They play normal game not like the planet we learn on it it's stupid. No one is mad because you are like that and you know there not like that. I look at people émossion and they do and whant what i whant. Y don't we go there. because everyone is the same(Fantasy world learn on a person for that). It's logic cause i know we are going to live for internity, it's easy to see. People will be alright, after we see what it is and we will understand. The middle create an nice world like we imagin it and like to play énergis elest. We got what we whant in consummation and toys. Marijuana bring us air. Let your self go in people there nice. Food decompose fast and they said on the news thx for the garbage nice thing he mant. Cigarette bring you and bandage and Marijuana debandage it's a good reason to put it legal because you smoke both and it like a cure it's the same thing if we let's the somke out same thing. Marijuana only Make us sleep, i like to sleep. people are not really happy let get whant we whant i whant hallucinogene. The unique one in one world, the other one in the other world It's ok the girlfriend in the perfect and the other oh well. No one will get bug or something bad for what they did. We are now far but thing win like giving what people want.

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