How To feel yoursefl in your world we want?

Start by playing with everythin, You can not go in the wicked. Smell

the smell that you like to imagine without the source. Try feeling thing

like weed in hallucination. Keep doing what you like to do. Réponse at

what i know, i think it to play with we will be at the world. Go to

where it is suprise mouvement can bring you to go somewhere. Stay

like you are it is world we have created. Do not create world and go in the violent thing, only where you feel ok. (no can not go where you die) only to help and your not even dead. Like the none legal thing (weed, marijuana) protection helps them not to panique that person as them all, but to protect, (have other world), to stay, because you can fall in tyo it more then 1 time like the begenning. They ghetto world not this one they don't know what it means when they read it. I like hamster, because my blanket smell like hamster. We Always Style or sefl, oh yeah feel yoursefl in your world and believe in the discution(not what you don't like). I listening to music hein! Stay like you are your already in to it. Hallucinate like it is (i say everything is going to be alright) sing at the same time of the music without knowing what the word is and change the définittion of the words (24h, 7week) . Talk (well i don't talk) But i do it in my head talk i i want! Listen to the music at the personnality that you are. Hallucinate what you are and what people are.! That we ask something and we have (true). There some thing that before that happened, but now it should happen anymore. To hallucinate wait for the hallucination (you want it right now).

Nobosy will be attack it's does not happen Don't go in dark place and alley at night. Nothing can happen to you if you don't kill
Wash body each day Budget, income taxe to do, learn, Grocery, food Clean appartement each day
each week clean your room Eat like we learned clean cloth(close) each week (one month does not matter it happen to me)
Brush teeth 2 time in day    


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