Infinity money, It's all the money we make with that site.
1,500,000,000.00$ x 6 = 9,000,000,000.00$ Every years,
that's tell us  10,000.00$ every month way to take,
  = For a years 120,000.00$ expense for publication and thing to do
(keep the money we make). 9,000,000,000.00$ x 8.14 =
  73,260,000,00 = 900000000 x 8.14$ Number of profit per years
  we do together (That do the same as we do).
   It's the same alone. That's make that will be like we live.
900000000 / 857 = pi
Anwser : 8,980,800,00$ For each years for each person.
Prepare for an original trips.
857.00$ x 24 = 10,284.00$
At a base economy for Mathieu = 8,988,516.00$. You know the site is like from everyone.
that's for the start of the web site not the rest.
(Label right) as invention and thing to make money me
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