Delete dll from mémori!
When you close an application, Windows save dll use in mémori. That slow down the system.

We are goign to force the system to delete those file that is not in use.

regedit from start search ... Search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/

Create a
DWORD Name it AlwaysUnloadDll give it a value of value 1

Reduce the time of closing windows
Maby you find windows closing or opening kind of slow? It's because windows anylise a presit moment of service along (DLL,VXD,OCX ect....) before closing the session in progress. The process is 20 secondes before closing.So we will reduce the time!
Regedit. Search HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/Currentcontrolset/control. In the windows to the right, look for WaitToKillSeerviceTimeOut. If it does not exist, Create one. Click on the value and put the new value You want from closing time of the service (From 1 à 20 = Number of seconde).

Make start faster to look for program
When you make start menu search, You probably seen it take a wild to make it pop out the menu. For ordered the fastening, Search REGEDIT.EXE and localize.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control panel/Desktop. Click Edition/Nouveau/Valeur chaine Name it Menushowdelay Right click the mouse to get the value betwen1 and 10 (1 Is the fastess and 10 the slowess).

Mémori for internet card

You need a minimun of 128 Mo of RAM if you want to optimize you internet card. because 4 Mo of the RAM will be in the IRQ of your internet card..

You need in first locate the
IRQ of your internet card. go in My computer / Control panel / système / Computer name And click on Network id / Proprety / More. On the netbios, there the # of IRQ

After, open
system.ini (Start - sysedit - Maximise system.ini) In the paragrah (386Enh), you add IrqX=4096 (4096 Is the mémori RAM used), X is the number from netbios at # of IRQ.

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