Your boyfriend is suppose to have the same color hair and guy to with girlfriend. Im talking about people with the same age. I like the thing of the computer. The way to find the site was there it's new anyway. You should like that, they there to help you get out, i like them, maby you wont see them they want to help with the ghost and monster. I like ghost. I use my tactic all the time and the big scary, You aslo have it to defend of the thing i use the angry eyes. I scared not anymore. The hallucinogene, use the strongest eyes the crazy the unique look after you.When you go fast and others, you see that the digestif system work fast, you see that when you go normal! Jump from a tree that is 5 meter you roll when you it the ground i did that. There some thing i don't know, but i can know it. It's the world after your ok. That for we remenber it. I believe everything i say and it work like doing thing that exist and does not. Cigarette was the first thing i was looking for.Your with others the unique it's Mathieu, is girlfriend and friends. It's the uniques with the scared or the fuck there dispersed. Im shy. It's fun to let's your self go in the énergiz because you do thing you did not know, but not everyone that does that. The very far away there same because they are like you. I don't see anything that scare me from the beginning. When you look at someone and you find them attractive they think the same thing about you. Like everyone like there girlfriend and boyfriend they do like each other. For your face you hallucinate other like you and then you switch back to your original, i thought of puthing it back after 2 weeks, i ad play alot with that and i was looking for my personality just say i want it back now. It's because hair need to be place in front of your hair need to be pointy. I listen a lot to music and i like to thing with or with out people. You control your sefl and nothing can happen you can choose. The thing that you have well they show you what we have. Help for you important to live well. (Winter or summer, I don't want to be cold or it's very hot, I need close, somewhere to live, some food and a hot place, i don't to die or live in the streets, help me plz) Make yourself a book what to buy, recipete that a budget. Your not able to work your scare of that anyway it's make you sick and it's not a good thing to work. That the life i talk of that because it's true. I believe we can communicate with people because you have no choice to believe. First take what you like personnality because people think there a préférence and they like helping people. what you been from the begening.Because he wants to stay with everyone the unioque i talk about.It's fast a word of insulte, they say he is the unique. It's relax. There is left to realize what we want. Do what you want. Only that i see blabla. Your nice hein. Of course i know everyone is nice with everyone,help,like, there to help and make life simple. A unique always does is job Because is the one that take the Bad it's the world a kind of cartoon sex that we are in we dream of that,Not of Ass. we don't want to hallucinate but we will get true it. Think of all my text it's bring us to believe it's true and can do it. Without been scare.setstats 1


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