You would not like marriage after been maried.

There to much kid in the world to have kid will be populated it's ok that nobody want kids.

You will always have the same personnality

Noboby can bring complaint or deceptive. No, we wont get boasted, first and let the personne decide(notion). Yes they accepted the faire nottin.

If you relax it's hurt less

you see the people like you are and it's true, you got your place for that.nobody want to hurt you. so we are all like that we just keep the style.

Everyone do drug. look in there eye everyone little person

The unique mathieu canhelp with have to change because is unique no one can take it from him.

Your normal normal and you know where your going because there same as you (Alike but not in the same world)

Look like when we look living we look like we will stay awake always

Do what you want it's the best thing to do.

Police know it's not your fault when you do thing because you want everything, because mathieu created the world, because of this they have power like mathieu the unique.

Long as you don't kill nothing will happen to you with jugde

Stay like we learn to eat, you will not panic

People are like you, because you trust them and it's prouve that there nice

Your on the planet to have power like the univers

There is left on me protection, i create the world with me, I create the worlds, they have the power and there like us same thing.

Do like no one does anything wrong they live they know how to live.

your normal normal and your stuck, but you know where your going (because everyone is like you, but different world) for all the univers.

You know people or to kind to be vicious

I did everything people did to protect them.

We survive in fake

Words of a king































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