Réglement and thing in commun
For éternity and the rest of or life
We are ready to stay, In a appartement

We are clean.
We can bring friends
We are not violent to each other or aresefl
We buy or own food.
We have are own thing (dish, etc...)
If we yeld, we did not want to have a grudge against.
It's does not bother the champoo (Not the deo and the soap we ask if we want a new one) If we don't have any.
We pay Appartement every month.
We don't make sound in the night.
We Are not Homosexual.
We do not abuse girl younger than 6 years younger of your age
It's does not bother that girl come to sleep.
We stay with the habit to keep or clothes when we get out of are room. Prefer not to have parent coming to the appartement, if the come anyway day wont stay long, because there like that.
We don't want children.
It's does not bother if we cruise with girl.
If we are not dare, we Pay the appartement anyway.
It's would be better if you stay together that the intervenant.
We do not steal
We respect each other
It's does not matter what time we go to bed.
We do not sleep with fat, if do not want to invite, Me needer.
If we invente people we respect each others.
If we have sex with or girlfriend sa does not bother Me and others because it's can happen.
If we want sex, others need to have sex to. We do what we want that the réglement say.
We can talk like we want.
We we have sex with a girl or boy we put a condom or take the pills
We live like we want.
We are kind.
We know that we won't yeld a each other.
We stay or sefl.
Girl have there own garbage, Same for two girl
Les fille on leur propre poubelle s'éparer si tu veut entre fille

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